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New Deoiling Hydrocyclone for Produced Water Introduced at OTC Brasil

Calgary, Alberta, Canada—Enerscope Systems Inc., a leader in upstream filtration systems for the Oil & Gas industry, announces a new deoiling hydrocyclone for produced water.

A new high efficiency multiphase, multi-hydrocyclone unit has been designed for separating large volume of produced water and other fluids containing oil, grease, water and solids. This multi-hydrocyclone unit is comprised of a hydrocyclone vessel and individual hydrocyclones. This new unit offers several key features, among them are:

Multiple inlets. The design features multiple inlet ports, radially balanced around the circumference of the unit. This provides superior hydraulic stability that produces a straight oil core that is stable even at very low flow rates. This enables the hydrocyclone to achieve higher removal efficiencies that can reduce or eliminate the need for emulsion breaking chemicals as well as allows the hydrocyclone to operate at higher turndown ratios and larger volume of flow though a smaller vessel.

Adjustable overflow orifice. The diameter of the overflow orifice is automatically adjustable during operation. This dramatically increases efficiency and compensated for varying oil volumes.

It is believed that this new advanced separation technology will resolve difficult oil/water separation problems. Because of its unique design, the hydrocyclone can effectively separate these oily waste streams, recovering concentrated oil and producing water that is nearly oil free and suitable for reuse and/or disposal.

Additional field pilots using this hydrocyclone system are being conducted in Western Canada to treat oily wastes at various produced water treatment facilities and at heavy oil production sites. The objective of these pilots is to further evaluate the performance of this new technology in other oilfield applications.

About Enerscope Systems Inc.
Enerscope Systems Inc. is a Canadian-based company with a global reach, supplying filtration,
separation, and purification equipment to the Oil & Gas industry.
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