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BREDA ENERGIA has more than 60 years of experience providing specialist products and services to the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide. BREDA ENERGIA offers innovative solutions and customized products for the onshore, offshore and subsea, according to the most stringent requirements and state-of-the-art technology. BREDA ENERGIA invests continuously in Research & Development to enhance performance and quality of products and create new advanced systems. BREDA ENERGIA has a well-established Quality & Health, Safety & Environment Systems certified by renowned international Agencies. BREDA ENERGIA manufacturing takes place at the high-tech facilities in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) - Italy.

Bag Filters Eliminated for Waterflood Injection Wells

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During these years BREDA ENERGIA has become an international multi-product company providing high-tech components and services for large up-stream production and transportation systems of the oil & gas industry. The international presence is structured through local branches and joint ventures in several countries.


BREDA ENERGIA was privatized and focused on the production of oil field equipments: wellheads, valves, control systems and associated services.


Finanziaria Ernesto Breda was split into several companies. One of these was Breda Energia, that continued to be involved in servicing the oil & gas industries.


Breda Fucine was set up under government ownership by the “Finanziaria Ernesto Breda” Industrial Group. The Production included forged materials, extrusion presses, wellhead equipment, valves and drilling equipment.


The Company was established under the name of Societa’ Italiana Ernesto Breda per Costruzioni Meccaniche, following the rapid industrialization of northern Italy.


BREDA ENERGIA manufactures a wide range of products for the oil & gas industry:

Main product lines are:

Bag Filters Eliminated for Waterflood Injection Wells


BREDA ENERGIA commitment is to become a partner for our Customer, more than a single supplier of equipment, providing qualified services focused to Customer Operation & Management costs reduction and Spare Parts & Warehouse optimization.

BREDA ENERGIA engineering team works to meet Customer demanding requirements by minimizing service shutdown of rigs.

Therefore we intend maintenance as cyclic preventive, predictive upon condition, improving for the product and its performances.

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