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Replacement Packers

DST Tools – DuraFRAC® Water Well Packers - Custom Packers Want to make your existing tool better? Put IPI's advanced core technology to work without replacing your entire tool string. IPI manufactures and stocks replacement elements for a variety of existing down-hole tools, including DST tools and water well hydraulic fracturing systems. Our streamlined manufacturing process enables IPI to provide replacement packer elements in a cost-effective and timely manner. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers' needs and in standing behind our products.

Well Testing

Permeability Testing - DST - DFIT - Aquifer Testing - Tight Formations

IPI specializes in integrated systems for well testing. Standard products include:

• ST -Series Tools are built around our 4-stage down-hole valve that activated by axial movement – no rotation – no drop balls – no inflation lines. The system is suited for coiled tubing or threaded tubing deployment.

•SWiPS® through-the-bit testing system for mineral coring holes (NQ, HQ, PQ).

•SlimHole Formation Tester for tight formations in applications such as nuclear waste site characterization.

• DuraFRAC® External Inflate Straddle Packers for rock stress testing.

If a standard system does not meet your needs, IPI is renowned engineering efficient and effective solutions for customer specifications. A streamlined design and build approach coupled with extensive experience enables IPI to meet customer's needs with minimal lead time.

Hydraulic Fracturing

DuraFRAC® Heavy Duty Packers

IPI DuraFRAC® series packers are built to withstand the extreme demands of high-pressure hydraulic fracturing in a wide variety of applications.

DuraFRAC® Hydro single packer and zone packer assemblies for water well enhancement. Our packer elements are designed to fit most manufacturers' hardware, so there is no need to purchase new hardware to get the DuraFRAC® advantage.

DuraFRAC® Stress for Rock Stress Testing in geotechnical boreholes.

DuraFRAC® Caver for hydraulic pre-conditioning in block cave mines.

"I've got 450+ water well fracs on a single packer and still going strong – DuraFRAC® are the longest lasting, fastest deflating packers I have ever used" – Jim McDonald, Starr Hydrofracture Inc.

By the way, Jim likes IPI packers so much that he is our N. America distributor for DuraFRAC® Hydro packers and replacement elements.

Well Completion and Repair

IPI provides solutions for well completion and production that have been developed in the deep and demanding conditions of Western Australia over the past decades and are now available to the world:

• OneSHOT™ screen and casing system for efficient and effective well completion.

• DuraFRAC® heavy duty packers for water well "Hydro-fracturing". Designed to fit on most existing commercial systems, these packers are built to last under demanding conditions.

• IPI Modular Pump Hanger System can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the demanding specifications for municipal and industrial water wells, such as selective zone production (i.e. "blanking off" discrete zones that produce arsenic or other contaminants), or eliminating costly riser pipe in deep production wells.

• Swage Patch System for well rehabilitation

• Grab Packers for setting screens and well rehabilitation

• Slip-over Packers for well screen installation


Grouting applications that require inflatable packers range from straight-forward to complex. IPI covers the entire range, offering robust packers for standard jobs, as well as high-pressure and custom fabricated packers for unconventional and complex projects.

Packer diameters starting at 28mm OD can be configured in single or straddle formats.

Custom grouting packer example:

Problem: Special packers were required for an acid mine drainage grouting project in which the customer required PVC casing.

Solution: IPI constructed special packer elements that slipped over the client's casing and were epoxied in place.

OEM and Custom Packers

IPI's has a tradition of taking on manufacturing challenges for customers needing non-standard equipment. Our design team draws from many years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions that work. Regular interface with the customer is integral to the development process. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers' needs and in standing behind our products.

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