Petroleum and Power Technology Company (Ptech) is a newly established local company in Oman. Ptech is a company that provides products & services to various regional industries. The company has associations with renowned manufacturers, and suppliers across the globe. Our clients include major Oil and Gas Companies, Projects, Refineries and Contractor.

Our commitment to excellent customer service and our networking ability, has given us a strong foothold in Oman’s industrial sectors and has forged strong alliances with several key customers. This helps our principals access the right people and right co-operation.

We always seek at fostering links with international companies who are interested to build a strong presence, support and working relationship in Oman.

products we represent

Filteration System

Filtration Systems with superior performance, and high quality. We are suppliers of advanced, technology-based products that provide innovative solutions to the oil and gas industries, from wellhead and downhole equipment to refining and distribution solutions that are tailor-made to meet your individual project requirements.

We offer the most reliable solutions and equipments to keep your fluid system clean.


Our desanders are designed for high efficiency solids removal from liquids using centrifugal-action to keep your fluid stream free of problematic solids

Designed and constructed to all industry standards and appropriate for a wide range of onshore & offshore applications.

Vision based process technology

Our lighting systems are designed to illuminate optimal viewing. They also provide a high intensity, true white light while adding no heat to the process.

Our sight glasses are one piece sight glasses, fused to metal and far exceeds all conventional glass windows in safety & performance.

Our high temperature cameras are ideal for demanding applications involving visual inspection in extreme temperature environments.

Analysis for Oil in water/Water in oil

Combining the latest in Ethernet technology with our fused glass, lighting and software, the Process Particle Analyzer provides real time particle size and shape analysis.

The Portable Multiphase Meter models measure 0.7 micron - 20,000 micron particles under process conditions. By continuously measuring the product OIL, WATER, SAND, and GAS the OiW /WiO is continually analyzed

Downhole plunger pump

These pumps carry special seals for pumping wells with high concentration of sand. They have longer life compared to normal pumps under harsh pumping condition and also has very high pumping efficiency due to the specially designed seals on the plunger

Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental solutions

Our experienced Hygienists use sophisticated collection and analytical devices for the identification, evaluation, and control of air quality concerns especially in Industrial Buildings. You would need an experienced Occupational Hygienist to deal with Air Quality problems caused by various kinds of chemicals. For the Oil and Gas industry, we do testing for air pollution and plant contamination.

Safety Footwear, Clothing & Accessories

Mark’s has become Canada's largest supplier of business, work wear clothing and accessories for men and women. It is the largest industrial apparel and footwear retailer in Canada. It operates over 378 stores across Canada including L'Équipeur stores in Québec.

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